Making Money On OnlyFans

Selling content on OnlyFans has become one of the most popular ways to make money on social networks in last year, but you have to wonder how much money you can make from platform. The OnlyFans interface is really simple and it only takes a minute to register and make money with your profile. To be the only fan author to earn money, you must submit your personal information for verification. Once your account has been reviewed and approved by the OnlyFans team, you can add a bank account.

I will explain exactly how to do it right and avoid some common mistakes that throw the creators off-course.

Don’t stop publishing! Keeping up regular posting is highly important to keeping subscribers paying for access to your content, because once you stop and they notice, it’s easy for them to unsubscribe and simply subscribe to another content creator.

More subscribers at a lower price or less subscribers at a higher price? This is often a highly asked question and the simple answer is: how many subscribers do you already have? If you have under 100, I would recommend having a lower price, this allows for you to get a decent subscriber count. Once you’ve got a decent subscriber count (over ~100), you can then play around with putting the price up.

Creators can also charge at least for paid private messages, which can significantly boost revenue for those with a large and loyal subscriber base. These messages are cheap – locked so fans can only see them when they pay. The majority of the highest earners on OnlyFans make most of their money by sending private messages to their subscribers.

Twitter followers can easily be turned into OnlyFans subscribers, and so you really make money from OnlyFans, make sure you’re cross promoting your content over multiple social networks, get your name out there!